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Kerry Wedding DJ – Paudie Walsh @ The Killarney Oaks Hotel

Kerry Wedding DJ Paudie Walsh at a Summer wedding in The Killarney Oaks Hotel. The Killarney Oaks Hotel is one of my most visited wedding venues in Kerry. I play here at least 20-30 times during the year. It is a super busy wedding venue with weddings every weekend. If you ever get a chance to visit the venue or attend a wedding here it is not hard to see why. The venue is a 4 star hotel situated on the edge of Killarney town and at the foot of Muckross Park. While wedding Coordinators Eilis or Danielle can look after every detail for the day and ensure your guests are wined and dined in style. Ready for a great night of entertainment ahead! This wedding was an after band wedding DJ set with the brilliant Limerick wedding band – Free Beer.

Free Beer Wedding Band:

Free Beer Wedding Band Limerick are described as Ireland’s Floor Filling Wedding Band. They are a six piece wedding band based around Limerick, Cork and Galway. They are well known throughout Limerick and the south west having been on the band scene for almost 20 years. The were one of the first live bands to play the very popular Limerick music venue – Smyths. Certainly one of their best attributes is the vast setlist they have and their ability to change the style or pace of the music easily. I have worked with this wedding band for several years. Working alongside them is always a pleasure and our musical styles compliment each other very well. As well as Free Beer I also recommend a number of other wedding bands. For more wedding band recommendations check out the links page.

Kerry Wedding DJ Setup:

One of the great things about the Killarney Oaks is that we, as DJs and bands are spoilt for space when it comes to setup. Furthermore, the route for loading in the equipment is right beside the setup area. There is no trying to move guests or tables to get the equipment in place. Although this is great for us, it is also great for the wedding night. It means the setup time is greatly reduced and the break between the meal and entertainment is reduced. The flow of the evening is not disrupted by a lengthy wait for a first dance.

I arrive and setup at the start of the evening with the band. The aim is to arrive for 8/8.30 and be ready to load in the equipment once the meal is over. Usually in the Oaks I setup to the right hand side of the stage alongside the band. There are a few reasons for this. It means that the band and myself are completely separate to one another. We are not intruding on each other. The separation means that later in the evening when the band are done they can easily take away their equipment without disrupting my DJ set. As well as that it also means that I can start as soon as the band finish, allowing for an easy change over from band to DJ. The atmosphere in the room is maintained and no loss of flow to the evening.


When booking Kerry Wedding DJ Paudie Walsh included in all packages is the equipment. There is no additional charge for the sound and light equipment used on the night. This includes a professional grade speaker system large enough for the size of the function room in the Oaks. As well as that, the lighting and DJ booth are also included. The lighting is there to brighten up the dance floor and set the mood for the night. A nice light up DJ booth hides all the cables from view. This type of setup can be ready and in place in about 30 minutes or so once access to the room has been gained. For an after band wedding set this isn’t too important as the band will be playing first so there is plenty of time to setup. However, if it was a full night wedding DJ booking the time between meal and first dance is greatly reduced. There is no long wait time for you and your guests.

Kerry Wedding DJ Setup
Typical After band DJ setup. Lights, PA and booth all included.

Kerry Wedding DJ Playlist:

Closer to the wedding date I usually chat with couples about the music on the night and what they would like for their Wedding DJ Playlist. As a rule of thumb, the music on the night is a mix of everything. For an after band DJ set, it is party time. Usually the start time is somewhere around midnight so at that stage people are ready to dance. As the setup and DJ is there from the start the DJ gets a chance to watch the crowd and see how they react. If you have a wedding band that play a mix of all styles it will be very easy to see what works and what doesn’t work as well. If there are specific songs that you would like included or discluded that can all be discussed prior the night.

Finally, the DJ will play music that works and fills the dance floor. I use my experience to judge the crowd on the night. Having done this so many times I can pick up very easily what will work. Or what doesn’t work. When we finalise the details for the night we can chat about music. There are no right or wrong songs to play. It depends on the guests on the night. From the video below you can possibly see that it was generally a young wedding. Songs from the chart and 90’s dance classics worked really well. I saw that from the band and was able to use it in my set. That said, for another wedding it maybe completely different. For more ideas on Wedding DJ Playlist take a look at a list I compiled.

Kerry Wedding DJ – When to book:

There is no right and wrong answer here. If you see entertainment you like, then go ahead and book it. Availability for prime dates can book fast. In demand entertainment will get snapped up. Dates over the Summer including Bank Holiday weekends should be booked 18 months plus to guarantee good quality entertainment. Most entertainment suppliers require a deposit. This will secure the date for your wedding. Different suppliers have different deposit requirements. Most will have a contract in place upon booking. It is important to get something in writing from any supplier. Booking so far in advance you want everything clear. The price and times need to be noted for clarity. On or before the night the balance is paid.

I have also played a number of full night wedding DJ sets in the Oaks. As well as that, many after band DJ sets with Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry. A question that often comes up at the time of booking is Wedding DJ Cost Ireland. How much does your services cost? Luckily I am based 50 minutes from Killarney. The cost is greatly reduced as there are no travel charges.

For more information or to make a Kerry Wedding DJ booking contact me via the form on the night of this page. Or call me on 087-6173137.


Make It Memorable!

If you want your wedding to be really fun, really different, and really special, or you’d like your guests to call it the ‘wedding of the year’ or even ‘best wedding ever’ then call Paudie Walsh. 

He makes it fun, he makes it memorable, he makes it exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved, including you, the wedding party and all your guests.

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You have had an amazing day and now it is time to celebrate with a big party? It’s your night. I want you to have the best entertainment. I have been voted WeddingsOnline Wedding DJ of the Year 2017 & 2018. My aim is to create an energetic, fun and fresh playlist for your night. Along with that, some great guest interaction to make it an amazing memorable night. I have access to an infinite repertoire of music, constantly watching and adapting the music to suit a full dance floor. We will give the guests exactly what they want to hear. Many of your guest’s memories from the wedding will be of the entertainment and fun on the dance floor.

This is so much more than music. It is entertainment. A good entertaining wedding DJ makes the difference. Someone who will play music to suit a full dance floor, include everyone and inject great fun into the small hours. Together, we will create an amazing night.