Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry

Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry

Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry

When booking wedding entertainment and you opt for a band and DJ combination you need the best wedding band. Usually, when you make a to-do list for your wedding, good entertainment makes it to the top of the list. Entertainment is often researched at the same time your wedding venue, photographer and ceremony is booked. The venue is your backdrop for a large portion of your wedding day. Your photographer is the person who will document your day from start to finish. (On a side note, if you are looking for great wedding photographers, check out some recommendations on my links page). It is then the job of your band and DJ to entertain your guests into the small hours of the morning. This is why a good wedding band and DJ are crucial to get right for your big day!

Booking Good Entertainment:

The two most important things at a wedding (in my opinion) is the food and entertainment. These two factors, food and fun coincide. It is really important to book your wedding entertainment as far in advance as possible. This will ensure you get the best wedding entertainment for your day. Naturally as dates come closer the availability becomes very limited with in demand suppliers. Of course, you will always get entertainment and there will always be options available. But, professional entertainment and in demand bands/DJs tend to book prime dates will in advance. One thing that really stands out for me about Truly Diverse is their good natured approach to their work. I can honestly say I have never worked with a band who are so easy to get on with. They are very consistent in what they do and always put a huge effort into their performance. Aside from music, they bring a huge entertainment factor to their weddings.

About Truly Diverse Wedding Band:

Truly Diverse are the best wedding band in Kerry. They are a Kerry Wedding band based in the South West of Ireland. The band is made of up of 5 members – Kieran, Anthony, Andrew, Brendan and Patrick. Unusual to see it in a band but 3 of the members (Anthony, Brendan and Patrick) are actually brothers! So it is quiet the family affair. I have worked with this band in venues across Munster. I meet them very frequently in Killarney at wedding hotels such as the Killarney Oaks, Muckross Park, The Brehon, Great Southern, Killarney Heights and The Dunloe. At weddings in Tralee in such venues as Ballygarry House, Ballyroe Heights and Ballyseede Castles. Other wedding venues in Kerry such as The Dingle Skellig, Dromquinna Manor, Parknasilla Resort, Kenmare Bay Hotel and Sneem Hotel.

Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry
Truly Diverse Wedding Band

Music Choice:

One great piece of advise I would give to any couple planning their wedding is to ensure they book entertainment that will fill their dance floor. There is no secret when booking a wedding band or DJ. The music and style they play will ensure your dance floor is full. Book entertainment based on what you think your guests will like rather based on your own taste. As an example, I love tropical house style music, similar to lounge music. In fact, as I write this blog I have a house playlist in the background. Now if I were to book a supplier to come in and do that I know I would love it but my family and friends, not so much.

Truly Diverse play a great mix Pop, Rock, Country and Old Time in their own unique and exciting way. They have the great ability to change the music to suit your full dance floor. This ensures your older family such as Aunt’s and Uncle’s will be able to dance as well as you and your college friends. They play a great mix and wide variety set to suit everyone’s tastes. They also, in many cases will play the first dance live.

First Dances:

The first dance is the start of the evening. It is the song where everything will start. The last of the spotlight moments from the day. Spotlight moment? These are key parts of the day and include things like grand entrance, speeches and cake cutting. In a sentence, spotlight moments are photographer and videographers dream. They love this time and they always look great on a highlight clip after. If you want some help picking your first dance, this article from on First Dance Tips and ideas is a great read.

Lots of couples go for a well known first like something from Ed Sheeran or Picture This (both of these artists were super popular in 2018 and continue to be a go to choice for 2019). It is always great to see a couple pick something a little less mainstream or maybe an uptempo song. Often a faster song can get the best reaction. A song that got a lot of attention in 2018 was “After All” from the Frank and Walters. It was featured in a RTE show and became a huge hit AGAIN.



Truly Diverse Wedding Band Contact Information:

Truly Diverse are a wedding band based in Kerry. They have a website, Facebook page, YouTube channel with some sample material. Below are their contact details and links to their various social media pages. One word of advise – book as early as you can. No doubt this band will book out well in advance for popular dates.

My Work With Truly Diverse Wedding Band:

So, the first half of your night is sorted. You have a great Kerry Wedding band. I provide a 2 hour fun filled after band DJ set. I arrive to the wedding venue with Truly Diverse, set up at the same time and am ready to rock even before your first dance. This means there is no disruption to the flow of the evening and all equipment is setup at the same time. I start as soon as the band finish meaning the night is seamless. Your guests won’t even know there has been a change over. The atmosphere built up by the band is not lost but is actually kept going into the small hours.

My adaptable setup can slot in beside the band no matter what the venue. I can increase it if space allows or for those smaller venues I can make it nice and compact as to not take up too much room for dancing.

Truly Diverse Wedding Band Kerry
After Band Wedding DJ Setup With Truly Diverse Wedding Band


Final Word:

As a Wedding DJ in Kerry I have played all the busy venues and am always happy to help with any questions you may have about booking your wedding entertainment. It is so important to finish your night on a high and keep the party going once the band have finished. That is my mission and I love filling dance floors across Kerry each weekend. Here is another Truly Diverse Wedding I played in the Castlerosse Hotel in Killarney. If you are interested in having me at your wedding with Truly Diverse or indeed any other band do not hesitate to contact. I would love to chat! You can get my via the contact form on any of the pages on my website or feel free to pick up the phone at any stage. My number is 087-6173137.