Wedding DJ’s in Limerick – Castle Oaks Hotel

For many years I have been among some of most popular wedding DJs in Limerick. I have played 100s of weddings in Limerick and worked with all the top wedding bands in Limerick. For this wedding in The Castle Oaks Hotel I was working with Free Beer Wedding Band. The band based in Limerick are very popular for weddings and corporate events. They are a 6 piece band based in Limerick and play a mixed variety set with traditional Irish, rock and pop. They are a brilliant band and I have been working alongside them for many years. We have countless weddings and functions played in various hotels around Limerick, Cork and all over Munster.

The two clips below (apologies for mobile phone quality) just show some of the fun from the night. This was coming towards the end of the night and I was playing some of the party hits that every guest will know. These songs near the end will ensure all the guests are on the floor and having a good time. Some even decided to make a train around the dance floor to get some people who were sitting down to join them on the dance floor. The Irish dancing/Riverdance songs are a popular request with couples. It makes sure the guests can let loose, or dance on a chair depending on their preference. 😉

Top Tip For Hiring Wedding DJs in Limerick:
Find out where the DJ is based. It is often better if a band or DJ don’t have to travel far to reach the venue. I am based in Limerick city and many venues are only a short 15/20 minute drive from home. This is great peace of mind that they won’t get delayed or lost on route. It also means they will have probably worked in the venue previously, know the function manager and it will make for a far smoother evening.

Make It Memorable!

If you want your wedding to be really fun, really different, and really special, or you’d like your guests to call it the ‘wedding of the year’ or even ‘best wedding ever’ then call Paudie Walsh. 

He makes it fun, he makes it memorable, he makes it exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved, including you, the wedding party and all your guests.