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Wedding DJs Clare Paudie Walsh at a wedding recently in The Inn at Dromoland, Co. Clare. The Inn at Dromoland formerly known as The Clare Inn is one of the most popular wedding venues in Clare. Just a short 20 minute drive from Limerick it is also very popular with couples travelling from Limerick city and county. The hotel prides itself on offering a highly personalised service, high quality menus from locally sourced suppliers and an elegant ball room with lavish ivory drapes to complete the wedding day look. Claire Coughlan, the hotels wedding coordinator is always available to answer any questions. She is one of the few coordinators still there when I arrive past 8pm. I played an after band Wedding DJ set following on from the brilliant Handipak wedding band. Being a wedding DJ in Clare I get to play at this venue several times a year.

Handipak Wedding Band:

Handipak are a 4 piece wedding band based in Co. Limerick. The band play a great mix of music with everything from the 1960’s up to today in their repertoire. As well as that they cover all tastes and age ranges with rock, pop and a mad siege of Ennis. They are great craic and always create a fantastic atmosphere. Mike is the lead guitar player and the bands MC for the evening. He has a great manner and can really get the crowd onto the dance floor, keeping them their for the night. Finally, for anyone who has seen this band in action, you will know there are a few extra surpirses on the night. But, enough said about that. See them and you will know what I mean. For other band recommendations take a look at the links page.

Wedding DJs Clare Setup:

I arrived and setup at the start of the evening with the band. This is usually around 8/8.30pm. At this time people are normally still eating or just finishing the meal. It gives me a chance to get the equipment out of the van and ready to load in as soon as the meal is over. I always arrive that little bit early so that I am not rushing or causing disruption later on in the evening. In the function room of the Inn at Dromoland I setup at the opposite side of the stage directly facing the band. Normally this is where the top table is. Once they clear the space I can bring in equipment and setup.

This means both the band and I can setup at the same time without interfering with each other or getting in each others way. As well as that, it allows for a very easy change over from band to DJ. Once the band have finished I can start straight away. The seamless change over will ensure there is no loss in atmosphere and the aim is to keep people on the floor. Finally, the band can take their equipment away and I am not in their way.

Wedding DJs Clare Setup
Typical After band DJ setup. Lights, PA and booth all included.

Wedding DJs Clare Equipment:

When you book Wedding DJs Clare Paudie Walsh the equipment is always included. The photo above shows a typical wedding after band setup. All of the equipment is professional grade and designed for large function rooms and big numbers. That said, there is full control of the volume so even for smaller numbers it is never over powering. Aiming for good quality, nice sound is very important and you want it to be loud enough that it can be heard. But not too loud as to stop people from being able to talk. Being full time also gives the opportunity to ensure the equipment is well maintained and ready for your wedding.

Furthermore the sound equipment is accompanied by professional grade lighting for the dance floor. Lighting is a really important element to the night. It adds atmosphere and brings the room to life. Finally all the nasty cables are hidden by an eye catching light up DJ booth. The overall look of the setup is appealing without any cables visible. Most importantly, the size of the setup can be adapted for small and big function rooms. The aim is to minimise the setup area and maximize the space for dancing. Most noteworthy is the quick setup time. This can ready to play music within 30 minutes of gaining access to the room. Minimizing the delay between meal and music (if having me for a full night wedding DJ).

Wedding DJs Clare Playlist:

Let’s talk a little bit about music. For me, there is only one rule – keep the dance floor full. I am never worried about the music I play. It varies so much from wedding to wedding. One night it could be 90’s trance and the next night it could be country. Generally speaking, I play a mix of 80’s/90’s/00’s and chart. This gives a good spread and will keep 99% of people happy. As I setup with the band I have the opportunity to watch them play and see how the crowd react. It gives a good sense of what to expect later. I come to every wedding with a blank canvas and as the night goes on, judge it from there. For this wedding I played a good mix of party classics, 90’s and a few 80’s gems. The floor was busy all night.

I try to interact with the crowd and at the end had a little fun the best man who was a mad Bon Jovi fan. For that reason it is always important to book a DJ who will interact with the guests and not be afraid of using the microphone. This takes the “bored” element away and brings the night to life. There is a great page here for a Wedding DJ Playlist. Check it out for a few ideas.


Wedding DJs Clare Cost:

According to WeddingsOnline 2018 wedding survey the average cost of a wedding DJ in Ireland was €434. This was a small increase from the 2017 survey where they found the average cost of a wedding DJ was €417. This is most likely down to the fact that a lot of couples in Ireland are now opting for a full night wedding or full day wedding DJ option. In my opinion, there are 4 factors that affect a DJs price.

These are – quality, demand, business cost and expenses. Most explain themselves with  a high quality DJ will come a higher charge for their services. A good quality DJ will be in high demand. For peak dates they will be able to charge more as in most cases there will be a lot of people looking to book them. Business costs and expenses relate to the cost of operating the business across the year. Each booking will cover a small % of that cost which is evenly distributed across the year. Expenses elude to the cost of getting to/from your venue. This may include extra time spent travelling or an overnight stay if it is not possible to return on the same night.

I have written a more extensive and detailed article on Wedding DJ Cost Ireland. For more information don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Make It Memorable!

If you want your wedding to be really fun, really different, and really special, or you’d like your guests to call it the ‘wedding of the year’ or even ‘best wedding ever’ then call Paudie Walsh. 

He makes it fun, he makes it memorable, he makes it exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved, including you, the wedding party and all your guests.

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You have had an amazing day and now it is time to celebrate with a big party? It’s your night. I want you to have the best entertainment. I have been voted WeddingsOnline Wedding DJ of the Year 2017 & 2018. My aim is to create an energetic, fun and fresh playlist for your night. Along with that, some great guest interaction to make it an amazing memorable night. I have access to an infinite repertoire of music, constantly watching and adapting the music to suit a full dance floor. We will give the guests exactly what they want to hear. Many of your guest’s memories from the wedding will be of the entertainment and fun on the dance floor.

This is so much more than music. It is entertainment. A good entertaining wedding DJ makes the difference. Someone who will play music to suit a full dance floor, include everyone and inject great fun into the small hours. Together, we will create an amazing night.