Wedding DJ Killarney – Paudie Walsh @ The Great Southern Hotel, Kerry

Wedding DJ Killarney – Paudie Walsh @ The Great Southern Hotel, Kerry

As a Wedding DJ Killarney, I get to play in some fantastic hotels in Killarney town. The Great Southern Hotel formally known as The Malton, Killarney is a hotel I have a great love for. The hotel is part of the Hayfield Family Collection which also own Hayfield Manor and The Killarney Royal, two more beautiful hotels. The hotel is in a great location being alongside the train station and only a few minutes walk from the town center. Well worth noting if you have family travelling a long distance to Killarney. The train station makes it very accessible. The function room is one of the biggest wedding rooms I play in. The hotel can cater for a large number of guests. I have often played here with 300+ wedding guests and it is still very comfortable with plenty of space between the tables. Service is also unaffected with these bigger numbers with both staff and management being used to catering for big groups. I have played both full night weddings without a band and after band DJ sets at the venue. The aim is usually to have the first dance between 9.30 and 10pm. This is the ideal time for the music to start.

Wedding DJ Killarney – Entertainment “Timeline”

A lot of couples ask about timings on the night of the wedding. Using this wedding in the Great Southern as an example I will try to give you a better idea of how the night can run. This wedding ran perfectly on time so it’s a great wedding to use as an example.

8/8.30pm – My aim is to arrive to the venue for between 8 and 8.30pm. Once the meal and speeches is over around 9pm I will load into the function room with the band. Usually the band will use the stage in the Great Southern and I setup on the ground just off the dance floor, on the left hand side of the stage as you look up (the same side as the bar). This means both me and the band are separate. Once they finish they can pack up and load out the side door without me being in their way. It also means I am setup before they start and I don’t need to wait until they finish to setup.

10pm – Both myself and the band were ready to go for 9.50pm. I usually allow 40 mins to setup for the time of getting space to setup in the function room. The band started and did the first dance at 10pm. They played straight to 11.15pm where they took a break and the hotel served evening food. All the times for the food is usually checked with the hotel before the music starts. The rule tends to be 1/1hr 15 after the first dance.

12.30am – The band started back at 11.30 and played to 12.30am. I started straight away when they finished. The band had told me their last song so I knew to be ready. On their last note, I double checked they weren’t going to be doing anymore and once I got confirmation I started. I played a 2 hour set straight through, without a break to 2.30am.

-Above is just a rough guideline of times for music on the night of a wedding. It often changes depending on what the couple want on the night. You may have ideas to change it around and bring the first dance forward, possibly finishing a little earlier. In America and the UK weddings tend to finish around midnight and so it is worth bearing that in mind when planning. I find for an Irish wedding 9.30pm is the earliest time to start. You then have a band to midnight and DJ to 2am. That works really well too!

Note/Top Tip – I always advise the break for evening food to happen during the band set rather than a band playing the full set and then breaking between the band/DJ. It works far better for the band to finish and then the DJ to take over without a stop. Usually at the end of the bands set they will have a great atmosphere created, floor full and everyone in good spirit. Possibly ending with a circle or arch. Once they finish and the DJ starts the atmosphere and full dance floor is maintained, making for a great late night party. If there is a break at this stage, the atmosphere is lost, everyone leaves the floor and I am starting from scratch again. The hard work the band will have done is lost. It can often take 30 to 45 mins to get the atmosphere back and to get the dance floor filled to capacity again. Taking the break earlier in the night means you get a brilliant start and end to the night.

Below is a video from a recent Wedding in The Great Southern Hotel, Killarney. The music is a mix of 80’s party and 90’s dance. The wedding couple live very close to a local nightclub. Much of the music for the night was the kind of tunes they and their friends would have grown up listening to. The floor was full for the night and it was a brilliant night!

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