Wedding DJ in Ireland

I am a wedding DJ in Ireland based in the South West of the country. In the video below I took the opportunity to look back over several weddings in different venues and recap over the last twelve months. There are lots of different venues here with all styles of music. The main thing is that the dance floor is full and everyone is enjoying themselves. This is the one point I always emphasise with couples looking to book me.

A wedding night is essentially a big party for all your family and friends to celebrate your marriage. The music is the soundtrack for the night. It is essential to play music to suit all tastes and ensure everyone is included. I always chat to a couple and encourage them to include some song suggestions but not dictate too much of the music. Including a few suggestions can really add a personal touch the night and make it special. It is important however, that young and old get a chance to boogie on the floor. All good entertainment will cater for and include everyone on the night.

I try to play a wide set covering a lot of decades and genres. This gives everyone a chance to dance with varying tempos. If the average age at the wedding is a little older then I adjust to play some of the older classics. Vice versa, if it is a predominantly a young crowd I will play a more chart focused/ Top 40 set.

It is very important to say I don’t work from a setlist and I am not a playlist focused DJ. As I mentioned above, my main aim is to keep a good flow on the dance floor with everyone enjoying it. If something is not working and is having a negative effect on the dance floor, it is quickly changed. If something is working and guests are filling the floor I generally have enough experience to be able to continue and play music that will complement the current mood.

Top Tip for Booking a Wedding DJ in Ireland:

A good DJ will be able to read a crowd and pick a perfect set to keep the party atmosphere going. Be sure when looking for entertainment to read reviews and see what past couples have said. 3rd party websites such as WeddingsOnline will have reviews also for suppliers. WeddingsOnline is like the trip advisor for the Irish wedding market and is a great resource for anyone getting married in Ireland. If you haven’t visited the site it is well worth checking out.


Make It Memorable!

If you want your wedding to be really fun, really different, and really special, or you’d like your guests to call it the ‘wedding of the year’ or even ‘best wedding ever’ then call Paudie Walsh. 

He makes it fun, he makes it memorable, he makes it exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved, including you, the wedding party and all your guests.