Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions: 52 Question Ideas

Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions – If you’re looking for a fun game for your wedding, why not play a round of a Mr & Mrs Quiz? I’ve got 52 brilliant Mr and Mrs questions that’ll add fun to your wedding day and reveal some interesting facts to your guests! No doubt you’ve seen the TV show, where couples are asked ‘Mr and Mrs’ questions about each other in a bid to prove they know everything about their other half – usually with hilarious results!

This is something I often do during my full day wedding package. It is a great ice breaker and also adds some fun to a part of your wedding meal. A great idea is to do it just before speeches. Get everyone laughing and engaged before the first speech. The trick is to pick the correct mr and mrs quiz questions. See the tips below to find out how. Connect with me on Instagram – and Facebook – Can also check availability here

Tips for Throwing the Best Mr and Mrs Quiz!

  • The best piece of advise, give these questions to someone in your bridal party. Ask them to pick the 20 most suitable questions for you as a couple. Some questions below may not relate to you. The questions vary from general questions, funny ones and some naughty questions too. A member of the bridal party will know what will work best for you as a couple. Also asking someone else to pick the questions will mean you don’t know what is coming up. Adding to the excitement!
  • My advise would be to narrow the 50 questions down to about 20. It will take about 30 seconds or so for each question so 20 questions will mean it can be all done in less than 10 minutes. In my experience, guests will lose interest if it goes on for a long time.
  • Ask the person who will be MC’ing to ask the guests for their predictions on the questions before you raise your hand. This will add to the atmosphere and also help get the guests involved. Mix up the Mr and Mrs quiz questions too. Vary them around.

Here is the list of 52 Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions [Updated 2020 Version]

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who paid on the first date?
  3. Who was the first to declare their love?
  4. Who proposed?
  5. Who’s more romantic?
  6. Who plans more elaborate date nights?
  7. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  8. Who’s the best driver?
  9. Who’s more likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?
  10. Who’s better when it comes to directions?
  11. Who’s the best chef?
  12. Who’s a pickier eater?
  13. Who handles the groceries?
  14. Who’s a better tipper?
  15. Who’s more likely to steal all the covers on a cold night?
  16. Who snores louder?
  17. Who’s more likely to say something embarrassing in their sleep?
  18. Who wakes up first?
  19. Who stays up later?
  20. Who’s the better shower singer?
  21. Who spends more time staring at their phone?
  22. Who’s more likely to start an argument?
  23. Who’s more likely to finish an argument?
  24. Who’s more likely to max out their credit card?
  25. Who’s more likely to save all their money?
  26. Who’s clumsier?
  27. Who’s chattier?
  28. Who’s funnier?
  29. Who’s messier?
  30. Who’s more dramatic?
  31. Who’s more stubborn?
  32. Who’s more organised?
  33. Who’s more athletic?
  34. Who’s more of a thrill-seeker?
  35. Who’s more adventurous?
  36. Who’s better at keeping secrets?
  37. Who would last longer on a deserted island?
  38. Who’s more outgoing?
  39. Who’s handier?
  40. Who’s more likely to cry during a sad movie?
  41. Who’s more likely to scream at the sight of a spider?
  42. Who’s more likely to arrive late to an appointment?
  43. Who’s needier when they’re sick?
  44. Who’s the best gift-giver?
  45. Who has a bigger wardrobe?
  46. Who has the best style?
  47. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  48. Who’s more likely to lose their keys/wallet?
  49. Who does the dishes more?
  50. Who does the laundry more?
  51. Who’s a better dancer?
  52. Who’s the bigger party animal?

Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions

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