Kerry Wedding DJs – Paudie Walsh in Killarney & Tralee

Kerry Wedding DJs – Paudie Walsh in Killarney & Tralee

Kerry Wedding DJs Paudie Walsh playing in the brilliant Heights Hotel, Killarney and Ballyroe Heights, Tralee. The Heights Hotel, Killarney is a family run hotel just on the edge of Killarney town. They have over 40 years of history doing weddings in Killarney. Like many hotels they have a one wedding a day policy or as some call it “one white dress per day”. This means you get the hotel staffs full attention and service. Likewise the Ballyroe Heights Hotel in Tralee is a family run and managed hotel. The venue is set on six acres of sloping landscaped gardens overlooking the Sliabh Mish Mountains and Tralee Bay. It is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding in Kerry.

Kerry Wedding DJs – The setup:

Both venues have great access to the function room and setup area for the entertainment. On the Friday night in Killarney, I was able to load the equipment into the hallway directly outside the function room. This meant that as soon as the hotel had finishing serving the meal and cleared the tables, I was able to load in and setup the equipment alongside the band. This greatly reduced the time to setup and as the band had done the same, there wasn’t a long wait for the first dance. The Wedding band in Killarney were Truly Diverse. I have worked with them for the last 5 years on countless weddings. We work really well together and know how each other work. It makes for a very smooth change over later in the night and also for setup.

On Saturday night in Tralee, it was a similar situation. I was able to load all of the equipment to just outside the door to where the stage was. The wedding cake and guest tables were setup all around the stage so it was just a waiting game until the meal was over, cake cut and staff had the tables cleared. Both hotels are well experienced with weddings and although it was a large guest list on both nights, the staff made quick work of the turnover from meal to entertainment. It pays to arrive early and have all of this done. I could arrive in at 10pm and try to move tables. Possibly upsetting the band and guests. Whereas, doing it at the start of the night means I am setting up as the other tables are being moved and the band are getting ready. The band in Tralee was The Brian McDermott Band from Co. Sligo. I had worked with Brian in the past but had not seen him for a few years. Great setup, brilliant setlist and super to deal with. Really nice guy as well as the rest of the band.

Kerry Wedding DJs – The Music:

Both nights I was booked for an after band set. That just meant one thing; a massive party! The both bands had a brilliant set played and it was just up to me to keep the dance floor full and the party atmosphere going into the small hours of the morning. One big song that worked really well for the Killarney wedding was The Sunset Bros – I’m Feelin it. It is not a song I play often at weddings but I was told it was the song that the Bride and Groom has walked into. It is an absolute anthem of a song and had the floor full. Mixing that with a 90’s classic dance set with the likes of Gala and Maniac 2000, it made for an epic night. Even the Bride and Groom got picked up and carried around the function room. Really great memories from that night. Saturday night was similar in Tralee. The band had played a great mix of music and had dance floor full from the very start. I played good upbeat set and included a few country numbers as requested for by  a few of the guests. Hit The Diff from Marty Mone always goes down well the farmers in the room! 🙂 I finished with a medley of sing along songs including Mr. Brightside. It had everyone in good spirits for the residents bar. No doubt the party went well into the early hours of Sunday morning.

It is always good to listen to guest requests. Often it isn’t possible to play them all or the particular song request wouldn’t work on the night  but it gives me a good sense of what people want. For example, getting requests for a country song is great because unless specifically asked for by a Bride and Groom it is not something I will usually include in a wedding after band DJ set. So, being asked and including a few popular ones is fantastic. If it goes down well I can keep it going and if not, I will quickly be able to change it. That is one advantage of booking a separate wedding DJ. I am 100% constantly watching the reaction of the crowd and how the dance floor flows. I am not worried about packing up my drum kit or counting down the minutes until I can finish because between the band and DJ I have been playing for over 4 hours. Often, the cost difference isn’t very big between having a separate DJ and letting the band take care of it. The money is well spent and notices by all the guests when I start. You have a fresh face, voice and a huge new bundle of energy. Guests will get bored of listening to the same voice over the course of the night and for sure, they like the change. It also brings a new direction in music. I may spot something during the bands set that they don’t. Such as a group of guests arriving for the afters who are a lot younger than the guests already at the wedding. Being able to play to them as well as the others can mean a lot more people on the dance floor. New afters guests and the family/friends that were there for the meal.

Below are 3 short clips from the two weddings and they don’t even half describe the madness of the nights. 2 brilliant weddings and 2 fantastic couples.

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