Wedding DJ in Limerick – The Devon Inn

Wedding DJ in Limerick at The Devon Inn Hotel

I have been a wedding DJ in Limerick for many years and have had the opportunity to play in nearly every wedding venue in Limerick. The Devon Inn Hotel is located in West Limerick on the main N21 road between Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale. I have had several great weddings in this venue and it is always a great hotel to work in. The staff and management are second to none, putting on a great evening for guests. Once the guests finished the meal both the band and I were ready to load in the gear and setup. I always arrive to the venue with the band so that there is no disruption later in the evening trying to bring in more equipment.

The couple for this wedding had seen me previously at a friend’s wedding and knew exactly the style of music I played. It was a big wedding with almost 350 guests. There was a wide variety of ages to suit. The band played a good mix of waltz and jive sets to suit some of the older guests which went down very well. It is important to ensure the entertainment is to suit all ages. The last thing you want to happen at a wedding is for older guests such as Aunts or Uncles to feel left out.

Once it came time for me to start the party was well started. I played a mix of 80s/90s/00s and chart along with a few Clubland style tracks that the Bride and Groom had requested. I finished off the night with some party classics and sing a long songs to have everyone ready for the residents bar.

Top Tip for Booking A Wedding DJ In Limerick:

If you are booking a wedding DJ to play after the band ask them to arrive and setup at the start of the evening with the band. This ensures there is no disruption later on in the evening trying to bring in more equipment. It also means the DJ is there and ready once the band finish. There will be no break between the band finishing and DJ starting. Any delay or break will lose the atmosphere in the room and the full dance floor will disappear quickly.