Clare Wedding DJ – Bunratty Castle Hotel

Wedding DJ Bunratty Castle

As a Clare wedding DJ I have played many fantastic weddings in The Bunratty Castle Hotel. It is a brilliant venue for a wedding DJ and the wedding function room is well laid out for an evening with a full dance floor. I played an after band DJ set with a Limerick wedding band. It was a 2 hour wedding DJ set made up of all types of music. Some 70s and 80s for older guests along with some of the 90s and chart for the younger guests. I included some of the party favourites and sing-a-long songs towards the end of the set. This really made for a great ending to the night and was a nice send off for the Bride and Groom.

On the night:

-I arrived to the venue for 8.30pm and set up at the same time as the band. In the Bunratty Castle Hotel I usually set up to the left of the stage/opposite side of the bar. This means the band can play and pack up their equipment without any disruption from me. It also means we can play in parallel so once they finish I start without any break or wait to set up more equipment.
-When I am setup I wait in the function room and watch the band play. I get a good sense for the crowd and can judge my playlist based on what works well for the band. If a certain genre or type of music works to fill the dance floor I will usually work with that and try to include it in my playlist. Equally if something doesn’t work I will more than likely not include it in my playlist. Every wedding is different and so too is the music. There are always “go-to” party songs but sometimes even these may not work. A good professional Clare wedding DJ will be able to judge the crowd and play music that will entertain everyone.

Top Tip for booking a Clare Wedding DJ

Ask about other services you may be looking for. Often DJs will offer other hire items or services such as a wedding photobooth. It may be an option to avail of a discount for booking both together.